Nudes on Snapchat


Let me first start off by saying that I’ve never sent a nude on snapchat. Now with that being said my penis, balls and bare body have all made it on Snapchat. I know what you’re thinking “bro that’s sending nudes” and my response is, no, it’s not. Sending a “nude” is when a person is posing, maybe getting their flex on in a full length mirror with a semi hard, or even fully erect penis. All of this in the hopes of some titty action on the reply because god knows nobody wants to see a close up vag pic, yuck.

Now as I stated before, I’ve never sent a Snapchat like that to anyone. Things I have sent are managinas because they never won’t be hilarious and for those that don’t know what a mangina is I’ll explain. It’s very simple actually you tuck your penis back in between your legs and then squeeze your legs together to give off the appearance of a man having a vagina. If you don’t find that picture with a caption that says “where’d it go?!?!?!” funny then you have no soul.

Other less funny things I send are pictures of my balls with captions like: “Does this look infected?” or “I hope your meeting went well”

Flaccid penis’s are also funny but less useful and sort of weird.

So why did I just explain to you how I Snapchat? because dudes should know better than to send nudes via snapchat thinking that it gives them a better chance of receiving naked pics than texting does. Sure it disappears after the allotted amount of time but any retard can screenshot a Snapchat and girls know that. And even if it tells them you screenshotted it, that doesn’t mean you can’t post that shit on Twitter within the next 3 seconds. If you really have to urge to send nudes I’d recommend you put on some Drake, drink a little wine, take your nudes, and then send them to all your ex’s for only 1 second. They’d never see it coming, plus they’ve probably already seen you naked. In conclusion if you really want nudes don’t think Snapchat is your saving grace because it’s not; you have a better chance getting nudes via text because you can write more than one line across the screen to convince them.

– Mr. Burrrrrrrrnetts

ps- never leave a mangina up for more than 2 seconds

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